Iggy Azalea sex tape to be released by Anonymous unless she Tweets ‘Sorry’ to Azealia Banks

Anonymous has issued threats to Iggy Azalea that they will expose her sex tape unless she apologises for a Twitter war with musician Azealia Banks.

The Twitter spat started a couple weeks ago when Banks accused the Australian rapper of enjoying success by appropriating black culture, yet remaining silent on protests against cop-on-black violence in the US. As pop-musicians are wont to do, Iggy responded defensively, and found herself neck-deep in the quagmire of American race relations.

Enter Anonymous, or some branch of Anonymous who are Azealia Banks fans. The internet’s self-appointed defenders of justice threatened to release frames from Iggy Azalea’s long awaited sex tape if she doesn’t comply with their arbitrary demands for an apology to Banks and to protesters.

Apparently, this Anonymous individual or group doesn’t see any contradiction between their stated quest for justice, and slut shaming a woman whose ex-boyfriend filmed her against her will.

Besides, white musicians have been appropriating black culture since before the Rolling Stones. Don’t stress about it, they can’t keep up. And Iggy Azalea didn’t actually shoot anybody.

Maybe Anonymous should go back to seeking justice for victims of police violence, and leave the hip-hop flame wars to the celebrities.


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