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The largest suburb of Birmingham, the population of Hoover was 84,848 as of the 2015 US Census estimate. Hoover is part of the Birmingham-Hoover, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area and is also included in the Birmingham-Hoover-Talladega, AL Combined Statistical Area. Hoover’s neighborhoods and planned communities are located along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Hoover is home to the Riverchase Galleria, one of the largest shopping centers in the Southeast and one of the largest mixed-use centers in the U.S. with 2.4 million square feet (222,967 m²) of total retail floor area. The Riverchase Galleria complex includes shopping, hotel and office space. Hacktivist group Anonymous have declared digital war against IS with a strategy that interrupts the terror group’s social media presence. But their efforts may also hamper counter-terror operations. CEO Paul Oster speaks with FOX on anonymous declaring ‘WAR’ on ISIS. French hackers from the activist group Anonymous have declared “war” on Islamic State after the Paris attacks. In a video posted on YouTube, a representative wearing a hood and the group’s distinctive Guy Fawkes mask said the violence that left 129 people dead “can’t go unpunished”. Though the latest messages refer to Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris, which left 129 people dead and more than 300 wounded, the Anonymous activists want to be clear that they’ve been fighting this fight for some time.
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Financial markets in the United States are the largest and most liquid in the world. In 2015, finance and insurance represented 7.2 percent (or $1.293 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. Leadership in this large, high-growth sector translates into substantial economic activity and direct and indirect job creation in the United States. Financial services and products help facilitate and finance the export of U.S. manufactured goods and agricultural products. Paul J. Oster is the CEO of Better Qualified, LLC, a limited liability company that specializes in business and consumer credit services. Better Qualified has helped thousands build, manage, and monitor their credit since 2006. The company has consulted for thousands of individuals and corporations on their credit ratings, operations, sales and business models. Better Qualified helps the customers gain financial freedom through various credit products, including: Manage your credit with our 100% legal, effective and time-tested methods; Building new credit with secured credit cards; Monitoring your credit to protect against identity theft. Consumer debt can be defined as “money, goods or services provided to an individual in the absence of immediate payment”. Common forms of consumer credit include credit cards, store cards, motor vehicle finance, personal loans, consumer lines of credit, retail loans and mortgages. This is a broad definition of consumer credit and corresponds with the Bank of England’s definition of “Lending to individuals”. The cost of credit is the additional amount, over and above the amount borrowed, that the borrower has to pay. It includes interest, arrangement fees and any other charges.
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