Anonymous vs ISIS: Hacktivists take down 5,500 Twitter accounts linked to Daesh – TomoNews

PARIS — An Anonymous group called OpParis says they’ve taken down thousands of ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts.

Following the tragic Paris terrorist attacks, for which the Islamic State has claimed responsibility, the hacktivist group Anonymous declared war on ISIS, also known as Daesh.

The terrorist group responded via the Telegram messaging app, calling Anonymous idiots. Less than 24 hours after the insult, an Anonymous-affiliated Twitter account by the name of #OpParis announced that they had taken down more than 5,500 ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts.

Anonymous is also ramping up their recruitment efforts with guides on how to help, including how to hack. The hacktivists also released an action-guide detailing their plans to hack ISIS-affiliated websites.

“The sites are not to be initially DDoSed,” Anonymous wrote, “hacking these sites shall gain us far more information regarding how their cells work and how we can best destroy them piece by piece.”

The action plan also mentioned members of the tech-savvy arm of Daesh, known as the Cyber-Caliphate, should be “doxxed with prejudice.” A website for OpParis provides info on different ways for people to join in the effort.


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