Anonymous – Message to The APD

Anonymous – Message To The APD (Albuquerque Police Department)
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Recently, a video has been released to the public which shows Albuquerque Police Officers murdering a man in cold blood for ‘illegally camping’. This man, which was schizophrenic, obviously had no intention of hurting these police officers, on the contrary, this man looks as if he is simply attempting to protect himself from visually fierce militarized thugs. Whether this man had a history of crime is irrelevant. We drastically need to address the growing police state that has occupied the United States.

To the citizens of Albuquerque, and to the Albuquerque Police Department, we are anonymous.

After the abnormally high number of fatal shootings by the Albuquerque Police Department since 2010, our attention and support for the citizens of Albuquerque has peaked. We are here in solidarity with the Albuquerque’s citizens and to help bring justice that is long overdue. Members of the Albuquerque community, families of APD victims, and community organizations formulated the following fourteen demands for the Albuquerque City Council and Albuquerque Police Department. We call upon you to hold the appropriate authorities accountable, informing them that they must incorporate these demands into the United state’s DOJ’s comprehensive plan for APD’S sustainable reform.

Demands: 1:40 (to) 8:22

In an effort to support the citizens of Albuquerque we are providing a place for people to gather, discuss and to take action online. The link for that discussion is in the description of this video.

Yet, when will we say no more? How many more citizens will be murdered? Naturally, the APD will attempt to label Anonymous as a terrorist organization for our demands of justice, but the question has to be asked. Who do we terrorize? Is it not a growing police state that terrorizes it’s own citizens?

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
To the APD, it is already to late to expect us.

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