Anonymous Explains The USA’s Use Of Agent Orange

Anonymous Operation Orange Days

Greetings World!
This is anonymous

Now, more than ever
We need your eyes and ears
We need you to realize what kind of world we live in.
We will take you back to Vietnam War for a moment.
Back then the US army used something called “Agent Orange/dioxin”
Agent Orange is a part of herbicidal warfare program.
From 1971 till now we can see its effects, because half a million of children was born with birth defects.

And the numbers are still growing. The US government didn’t stop there.

Agent Orange was used in Thailand, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other countries.

Don’t get shocked, on US soil you will find people got sick because of Agent Orange.

Yet, US government is not treating them. They are completely ignoring them.

In our world, we see slavery, poverty and Social Exclusion. We also see testing labs for new weapons.

Now, we have to wonder; are weapons necessary?
We already got Hiroshima and Nagasaki; but US government is adding new names to the list.

They are adding new weapons to the world.
Every day in the news, we hear about people dying because of new diseases; But no antidotes for old diseases.

It’s well known now, that they got solutions for old diseases, but they holding it; so they can win more money from the dying people.
It’s like they are trying to tell us “it’s not personal, it’s just good business”.

Do you really expect anything from wars businessmen???
As anonymous, as human, I hope to stop them today, before our grandchildren born defected.

We are Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us wars businessmen

Agent Orange used in:
• Viet Nam
• United States
• Thailand
• Korea
• Canadian Forces Base Gagetown (New Brunswick, Canada)
• Queensland, Australia
• New Zealand
• Brazil
• Malayan Emergency
• Ontario, Canada
• Okinawa and Johnston Atoll

Association for Victims of Agent Orange / dioxin in Vietnam (The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange / Dioxin – VAVA) has sued more than 30 U.S. companies have to compensate by causing injury liability for chemicals production . Dow Chemical and Monsanto are two companies producing the largest orange children fund for the U.S. military has been named in the lawsuit with other companies. In the past many U.S. veterans won a similar case.

It summarizes the history of Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide produced by Monsanto, Dow Chemical, and other companies. It was sprayed extensively during the Vietnam War, leading to a horrific variety of adverse health effects. Monsanto conducted deliberately flawed and coercive studies to “prove” that Agent Orange was safe, causing many Vietnam veterans to be denied sufficient health benefits.

In the late 1990’s, Monsanto changed its focus from chemicals like Agent Orange to biotechnology. It now indirectly controls approximately 60% of the world food supply. Monsanto insists that its genetically modified crops are safe.

Dow Chemical shouldn’t sponsor the Olympics 2012:……

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